What is the Best Grass Seed for Overseeding?

If you are worried for the patchy and dull look for your lawn and searching for the best grass seed for overseeding but in a smart way like me, then this post is just for you.

Overseeding of a lawn is nothing but a part of the annual maintenance of the lawn.

It is commonly recommended when a healthy lawn exhibits patches of grass begins to dry. It can turn the whole thing into a different way.

Using Tall Fescue variety with any other seeds will give a great result. This variety worked better for me.



How to Decide Seed for Overseeding

There is usually two season grass. The winter and the summer season.

It is always better to use the seed more in a ratio of the mixture helpful for the coming season.

For example, if it is late summer and you need to overseed your lawn, then mix summer season grass seed with winter season seed in a ratio of 1:2 and similarly opposite in the next season.

Two months back I saw my lawn grasses drying up and I was thinking about overseeding my lawn to give it a new fresh look.

Then I did some research and went through some articles. That helps me to bring a fresh lively look to my lawn.

If you are thinking of the same thing, then just go with the one I tried for I can promise you that this will the best grass seed for overseeding in your lawn.

At the end of this post, I will also give you some simple tips that will help you to keep your lawn looking fresh all over the year.

Reason for Overseeding your Lawn

All lawns are affected by the specific growing environment in which they live, their level of use and general weather condition.

Understanding the basic principles of overseeding and choice of seed mix will enable you to work with nature towards a greener and healthier lawn.

  • Improves the color of your lawn
  • Reduce weed and moss invasion
  • Gives the lawn a thicker and a denser sward

Best Grass Seed for Overseeding

There are too many varieties of grass seed that you may pick from the market. I tried with 2 or 3 types. But those did not work well for me.

Then I tried with a new one getting a suggestion from an agro expert. And it worked great for me.

From my personal experience, I can say Tall Fescue variety is obviously a better option for overseeding.

It is basically a winter season grass but has heat tolerance. It can grow in heat, drought, and shade.

It has a bunch of forming growth habits.


It is a good disease resistant grass too.

Mixing any other grass seed like Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass seed with tall Fescue seed will work excellent as best grass seed for overseeding.

Just make sure the percentage of Fescue seed is 80%-85% in the mixture.

You can choose other varieties too. But try to use seeds that will grow better in the upcoming season’s temperature.

Best time for overseeding

The best time for overseeding for a lawn is Spring and Autumn.

In this time grass seed will germinate within 7-14 days.

You may have to wait for a maximum of 21 days. A temperature of more than 13 degrees celsius will work well for the germination of the seeds.

For a suggestion try to avoid seeding when heavy freezes or snow are expected.

How to overseed your lawn

Finding the best grass seed for overseeding and throwing seeds in your lawn is not just the solution. That will not give you a good result.

But the following process will give you a great result of overseeding.

And, here are the steps for overseeding in your lawn:

  1. Mow the lawn properly. An approximate 20mm size of the grass will be an ideal one.
  2. Rake and aerate the seedbed properly.
  3. Remove rocks, pebbles, broken stems, and other useless things from your lawn.
  4. Spread the correct amount of seed. Generally, 2-3 lbs of seeds are enough for the 1000sqft area.
  5. Spread the seeds evenly to the whole lawn and spread more seeds to the parts where there is less grass.overseeding-before-after
  6. A little fertilizer will work better for the seeds. But if you have recently used fertilizers, then it is better not to use fertilizer.
  7. Maintain a proper irrigation system.
  8. Mow the new grass once they reach a height of 30-35mm.
  9. Protect the specific area from birds you can use netting in those places.
  10. Remove the small weeds while sowing the seeds in your lawn.

Tips for grass overseeding

Choosing the best grass seed for overseeding is not all you need to know.If you follow these simple tips, it will keep your lawn look nice all through the year.

So, here are the tips for grass overseeding:

  1. Choose the best fertilizer that your soil needs or have a deficiency for.
  2. Make your lawn weed-free. Weeds obstruct the expected grass you want.
  3. Make sure you spread the seed evenly to the whole lawn
  4. Water your grasses regularly.
  5. Use an antifungal spray to avoid rotting of roots.
  6. Mow the grass once it becomes bigger in size. It will help the soil to get sunlight.
  7. To avoid losing the soil quality use natural fertilizers.

Precautions for grass overseeding

Before fertilizing keep some things in your mind that may give a negative result instead of a positive result.

So, here are the precautions that you need to take for grass overseeding:

  1. Too much fertilizer or wrong fertilizer can lead to burning.
  2. Wrong fertilizer can destroy the ability of soil of that area to grow further grass or plants.
  3. A wrong fertilizing process could lead to a dry patchy and deadened lawn.
  4. Chemical fertilizers have some side effects which can destroy the soil quality permanently.
  5. Keep the fertilizers away from children so that they do not harm themselves.
  6. Wash your hand properly after using fertilizers every time so that it does not go to your eyes or your mouth.

Final Thought

So, guys, I hope after going through my post you will find it really easy to get to know the best grass seed for overseeding.

I hope you will follow the tips that I gave you to follow before fertilizing the new grasses.

Take proper precautions and proper safety measures before working with the fertilizers to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.