Top 5 Best Rain Diverters For Your Home

Thinking about installing rain diverter on your roof? Want to know about the best rain diverters that will serve your purpose? 

If you want to save your house’s wall from rainwater or you just don’t want to see rain water falling from all sides of your roof and want to install rain diverter on your roof, then this post is for you.

After trying different rain diverter reaching the usefulness and price shopping, I think I really found the best rain diverter in the market.

The first and most important character of a diverter is to stop falling rain water from all sides of the roof and give the water a proper direction to fall from.

The Rain diverter I Personally Prefer

After lots of testing.researches and wasting money on less productive methods, I finally have a good recommendation.

The top rain diverter that I prefer to save the house from rain water is this aluminum drip cap.

I purchased this because I think this is the perfect product at a low price.

And for a suggestion I can tell that to get better performance and to let the rain water come out from an exact direction you should use a drain system.

There are different drain systems in the market. But I always prefer a flexible one as you can easily move the direction.

From my personal experience I can suggest you this downspout extension.

5 Best Rain Diverters For Your Home

I have made a suggestion depending on quality, efficiency, durability and price.

So, here are the Best Rain Diverters for your home:

1. M-D Building Products 6247 36-inch Aluminum Drip Cap 

This is the rain diverter I have used recently and found it to be the best one at the lowest price.

I have been using this for the last 5 months and found it works great. Before Using this one I have used four other rain diverters which I will be telling you below.

But depending on quality with price, I think If you chose this product It will be the right one to save your house from rain water.m-d-building-products-6247


Highlighted Features:

  • Material- ALuminium made
  • Size- 36 inches
  • Extra facility- SLotted holes for easy adjustments

2. National Guard 16A40 NGP ALuminium Overhead Door Rain Drip Cap

I have used this rain diverter earlier. They come with different material.

I have used the one aluminum made. It works good but the price is higher than the one I am using now.

You can choose this product if you want only 4 inches more but at double price then you can count it as a good rain diverter .national-guard-16a40-ngp


Highlighted Features:

  • Material- Brass, Bronze, Plastic, Vinyl, ALuminium
  • Size- 40 inches
  • Extra facility- Holes for easy adjustments

3. Trim-Lok Drip Rail Rain Diverter

The main characteristic of this rain diverter is these are flexible. You can easily bend them to fix on your roof.

Other than your roof, these are the best rain diverters you can use them for your car or van.

But from my personal experience, I felt that it is more for light use.trim-lok-drip-rail-rain-diverter


Highlighted Features:

  • Material- Plastic
  • Size- 25 ft
  • Extra facility- Flexible

4. Lake Lite HG-31110 Diamond Rain-Run Downspout Splashblock

This rain diverter I used it for a few months This is quite a good product. But made of plastic. In the case of rain diverter, an Aluminium one is the best one to choose. You can use this one. But in comparison to the price and size, I will not suggest you this one as the top rain diverters to use the one I am using now.lake-lite-hg-31110-diamond-rain


Highlighted Features:

  • Material- Plastic
  • Size- 23 inch
  • Extra facility- Hard plastic

5. Genova 19581 Universal Splashblock

This is the rain diverter I used in the beginning. Its weight is a little higher from the other rain diverter.

As a result, If you use them and it is not screwed properly, there is a chance it will fill with heavy rain fall.

You can choose this one if you can screw them strongly and wish to use a plastic rain diverter.genova-19581


Highlighted Features:

  • Material- Plastic
  • Size- 21.5 inch
  • Extra facility- has a small side wall

Things to Know Before Buying Rain Diverter

Before choosing the best rain diverters for your home that will keep it safe from rainwater.

As it is difficult to change it very often, so before buying any rain diverter make sure you look for the following simple things. 

Light in weight

Make sure the rain diverter you are using is strong but light in weight. If it is too heavy, then due to heavy rain it will create pressure at the edges of your roof. In many cases during heavy rain,the diverter may break down due to its weight.


The main work of the diverter is to lead rain water in a direction. Keep in your mind that most of the time it has to deal with water.

If the rain diverter is not rust proof, then it will get rust and the rust will make holes in the diverter.

Have a hole for easy adjustment

It is always better if your rain diverter has built-in holes for easy adjustment. The top company’s that sells the best rain diverters for your house they usually keep builtin holes for attachments.

If you make holes yourself, there are chances to make different gaps that will hamper during water pressure.

Not flexible

Make sure that the diverter is not too flexible. More flexibility may turn out to be the reason to not serve your purpose.

The water has a weight. It may change the shape of the diverter due to the weight of the water.


As you won’t be changing your rain diverter, so keep in mind that your diverter has high durability.

If it is damaged within a few months, then know that you diverter is not at all a good one. Moreover changing the diverter very often may damage your roof too.

Final Thought

So, guys, I hope after going through my post you will find it really easy to choose the best rain diverters for your home.

And for a suggestion, I can tell you that to get better performance and to let the rain water come out from an exact direction you should use a drain system.

I hope you will follow the tips that I gave you to follow before buying a rain diverter.

Take proper precautions and proper safety measures before working with the rain diverter to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.