Cut Metal Roofing: How to do it under 3 minutes

Standing in front of the big metal roofing and thinking of how you cut off those hard, sharp metal roofing all by yourself?

I had the same thought a week before when I cut metal roofing of my house all by myself only with a Tin Snip and a Circular Blade. 

Believe me! It was much easier than I thought it would be.metal-roof-cutting


In this post below, I will tell you more about the ways and tools by which you can cut your metal roofing easily.

So, other than waiting, let’s get started.

How to Cut Metal Roofing

If you think cutting a metal roofing would not be easy all by yourself under 3 minutes, then just hold on. I have good news for you. There are so many easy ways to cut metal roofing depending on size, contour and ribs.

Now I will share the most straightforward ways from my personal experiences and the research that I did before I have done the work for myself. I hope my post will help you a lot and find it easy and fun!

So, here are the easiest ways to cut metal roofing:

1. Use a Tin Snip to Cut Metal Roofingcut-metal-tin-snip 

Tin snips are the best hassle-free tools to cut off metal roofing if the length is smaller or you just want to reduce the edges only. A Tin Snip can easily cut upto 0.75 inches at a time. It will work just like the scissor cut the paper. A very convenient and easy tool even a kid can use all by himself.YOu will find it almost in every house. You can cut an A 29GA metal sheet quickly cut with it. But if there are contour and ribs, then you might find it challenging to cut with a Tin Snips. You can easily cut upto 30ft in just 2 minutes.

2. Cut metal roofing by Metal Shear

Metal Shear is one of the most accessible tools to cut metal roofing. It is quite a handy tool. It can cut 18GA material very nicely. It has a 360-degree swivel head for manoeuvrability. Whether you want to cut it straight, round or other shapes, you can easily cut the metal roofing in different shapes and sizes. This tool is convenient to move from one place to another. It is a great time-saving tool too. It works with both electric and battery. You can easily cut upto 300ft in just 5 minutes.

3. Trim Metal Roofing by Circular Blade

Circular Blade is another easy option to reduce the metal roofing. Just like the metal shear, you can easily take it to any place and work with it. Circular Blade is quite a cheap and time-saving option. You can also use any old circular cutting blade just by sharpening its teeth. Just make sure it is without carbide teeth. It gives a smooth, accurate and bur-free cut. It can cut material with more thickness. It works with both electric and battery. This is an excellent tool to cut stainless metal roofing. Although it is quite a noisy tool yet, you can easily cut upto 200ft in just 3 minutes.

4. Use Klein Tool

If you want to make holes and give a perfectly round shape, then this is the ideal tool for you. Klein tool is the perfect tool for making holes of any size in the metal roofing. If you want to make an ideal hole to insert something through the metal roofing, I bet this will be the perfect solution for you. Other tools will never give you as perfect round holes as Klein tool. You can make the holes in different size from 2-12 inches and most importantly, a perfect shape evenly cut on all side with this tool. Can easily cut up to 24GA steel and 26GA stainless steel. You also get to have an inch and centimetre scales moulded in its body.

5. Using Nibbler to Cut Metal Roof

The professionals mainly use this tool. Primarily those who need to cut a big part of metal roofing may use this tool. This is also a noise reduction tool. You can simply cut in a circle from 2-11 inches. For a straight line, it can easily cut upto 120000ft in just 10 minutes. And the cuts are also in perfect shape. It also comes with a drilling option if you need that too as something extra..This is quite a quick, easy and safe tool. Nibble works with any size power drill, electric and battery. Nibbler does not leave any kind of distortion of physical shape and no burrs or sharp ages.

Precautions for Cutting Metal Roofing


1. Use Gloves for Safety from Cutscut-metal-using-gloves

Though metal roofing is a very sharp thing, you should use some precautions. If you look carefully, you will find that the metal sheet itself is very sharp. The edges are sharp too. You would not want to get your hands cut buy those edges while you hold those metal sheets tight. So to be safe from cuttings, use heavy gloves that you can easily find in your nearby hardware and departmental stores. But if you do not see those gloves, then do not forget to hold the metal sheets with a heavy fabric so that you do not get cuts in your hand.

2. Wear Eye Protection Glasses

Another most important thing is, if you use any other tools other than Tin Snips, make sure you use safety glasses. Because cutting or making holes in a metal roofing will surely make metal dust, and if this dust goes to your eyes, then there is chances of getting terrible damages to your eyes or even at the worst scenario you may lose you eyesight for rest of your life.

3. Use Mask for Respiratory Safety

Using Mask may be a good option for not letting the metal dust entering your respiratory system through your nose or your mouth. This may cause damage to your respiratory system severely. You can use surgical Mask or N95 Mask as a safety matter. If you don’t have that, at least use some clothes to cover your nose and mouth. It is better to use multiple layers of cloth for covering your nose and mouth. 


Question: What is the best tool to cut a large metal roofing?

Answer: You can simply use Metal Shear, Circular Blade or a Nibbler. These may be a good option depending on the size and shape.

Question: Can I use a circular saw to cut metal roofing?

Answer:  Yes, you can cut metal roofing by a circular saw. But this is a bit of a noisy tool. If you are okay with it, then go for it.

Question: What is the best option to cut the edges of the metal roofing?

Answer: You can simply use a Tin Snip for cutting the edges of a metal roofing.

Question: How to cut a 5 inch round hole in a Metal shear?

Answer: If you want a perfectly round shape hole in Metal shear, then you should better try with a Klein Tool. This will give you a better shape.

Question: Can I use an old saw blade to cut metal roofing?

Answer: Yes, you can cut it with an old saw blade. But before that make sure it does not have carbide teeth.

Final Thought

So, guys, I hope after going through my post you found it easy to do your work, and you have done your cutting correctly.Hope you have followed the precautions and took proper safety measures before cutting the metal roofing to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.

Now If you find my post helpful for your work then please let me know in the comment section below and also if you have any suggestion, query or if you are willing to share your ideas with me, then, feel free to let me know in the comment section also.

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