How to Dethatch Your Lawn With a Mower Attachment Easily

Does your lawn look different after a month you sow them? Do they not look as green as before? You simply need to dethatch your lawn with a mower attachment to overcome this dull look of dead grass. That is why you need to dethatch our lawn with a lawn mower attachment.
One would not like to see some dull grey hair among all other hair. Same way, No one would like to see some dull colorless dry grass on his lawn. A regular dethatching would bring a previous green look too. In this post, I will tell you all about dethatching your lawn that I got from my own research and experiences. And at the end of this post, I will give you some simple tips too.dethatching-blade

Things you need to dethatch your lawn

For dethatching your lawn with a mower attachment you only need the following things that will do all the work.

1. A lawn mower (a walk-behind mower)
2. Dethatching blade
3. Rake for a lawn (if your mower has no catcher)
4. Bags to collect the grass

Procedure to Dethatch Your Lawn With a Mower Attachment

1. Bring your lawn mower where you will do the dethatching. Usually, in our house, we have a small size mower both battery or gas run one. A walk-behind mower will work best for this work. If your mower has a builtin dethatcher, then it is good. But if your one is the only mower, make sure you add a dethatcher. Because a simple mower will not work as a detacher.
2. Install the dethatching blade with the mower. Make sure the position of the blade is properly settled down. The blade should be 2.5-5cm apart from tough grass. And 7.6-8cm for more delicate grass.dethatching-lawn-attachment
3. Rake the lawn properly after you finish dethatching. If your mower does not have builtin rake, then rake with your manual one. This will clean the lawn and will separate the old dried grass from the new green grass.
4. Collect the dethatched grasses and put them in a bag once you are finished with dethatching. This will ultimately clean the lawn and will make it look much greener. Tie the mouth of the bag so that this grass does not get a chance to fly or spread due to strong wind.

How to Know The Perfect Time For Dethatching Your Lawn

Before you dethatch your lawn with a mower attachment the first symptom to get to know that it is time is to look at the lawn. If your lawn is not greener like before if it looks dull. If you can see colorless, dried grass among the green grass, then be sure it is high time you should dethatch your lawn.
Again if you see that dried broken grass is flying in the strong wind, then be sure your grass needs to be dethatched. Inspect the grass and go for the procedure.dethatching-lawn
Another reason maybe if you see some grasses are growing horizontally like a root. This will also make a problem when you walk through that place. if the grass is strong and your shoe gets stuck to it, then you may fall.

Reasons to Dethatch Your Lawn

There are some obvious reasons to dethatch your lawn with a mower attachment.
1. The lawn looks dull or ugly when they are not dethatched regularly
2. Dried grass stores water in the soil. This weakens the soil and is not good for the root of new grass.
3. Horizontally grown grass-like roots or rope may be a obstruct for you to walk along with the lawn.
4. Regular mowing with a mower will not help with the purpose. So a dethatching blade needs to be attached.
5.After dethatching new grass or seeds can be sown in those places to make the lawn looks beautiful and greener.dethatching-rake


1. Once you dethatched the lawn, spread some fertilizer. It will easily get to mix with the soil.
2. Let the soil get air and sunlight at least for 1-2 days.
3. Water properly if the soil is too dry, then the soil can store some water too.
4. Throw some seeds to the lawn once you dethatch. This way your lawn will always have new grass.
5. Make sure you clean the mower attachment properly so that you can use the blade again and again.
6. Spread pesticides if you see there is the presence of excess insects.


Before you dethatch your lawn with a mower attachment properly set the attachment with the mower. Make sure it does not get separated while running.

That may be harmful to both the mower and to you. Wear heavy gloves when you connect the attachment because these are very sharp and may make cuts to your hand.

Once you are done with your work, make sure you uninstall the attachment with proper safety. Do not dethatch while the soil is wet. It will uproot the green grass.


Question: Do mower dethatching blades work?
Answer: Yes, mower dethatching blades work if they are installed properly.
Question: What time of year is best to dethatch a lawn?
Answer: The best time of the year to dethatch your lawn is after fall ends. But you can do it once in every 6 months.
Question: Can I use a rake to dethach my lawn if I don’t have a mower?
Answer: You can use a rake to dethach if you have a small lawn. But If you have a bigger lawn, It is better to use a mower with attachment. It will take less time and make the work easy.

Final Thought

So, guys, I hope after going through my post you found it really easy to dethatch your lawn with a mower attachment. I hope you have followed the procedures, precautions and took proper safety measures before working with the lawn mower to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.
Now If you find my post helpful for your work then please let me know in the comment section below and also if you have any suggestions, query, or if you are willing to share your ideas with me, then, feel free to let me know in the comment section also.
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