How to Add a Rain Diverter on Your Roof: The Ultimate Guide

Worried about how to add a Rain diverter on your roof? You can do this easy and fun work no more than in just 30 minutes all by yourself.

If you are tired of rainwater stuck on your roof, if you are annoyed with rainwater falling from all sides of your roof or you just do not want to get yourself wet from the rainwater falling from the roof, and thinking about installing rain diverter to your roof, then this is the post you are looking for.rain-diverter-plastic

Believe me, I had the same feelings before I did it on my own. After going through my post you will also find it really easy to install it all by yourself in no more than 30 minutes. 

Why Do We Need Rain Diverter

Just imagine you are nicely dressed up for a party or standing with a cup of coffee and reading a noble and rain starts all of a sudden. The rainwater falls on your dress or the coffee along with all the dust and other materials stacked on your roof. Or think that rainwater is falling from the roof and damps your wall that you colored just a week back. No one would want that.

The main work of a rain diverter is to gather the water other than letting it fall from all sides of the roof and give it a proper direction from where the water will get a way to come out. It helps to stop water falling from all sides of the roof especially when you are standing under or passing through the roof. With the help of a rain diverter, we can also collect the rainwater and use it for washing our car or watering our garden too. Moreover, sometimes you will see that the water is dripping from the roof and falling on the wall. This will make your wall damp and small leakage will be created on your wall.rain-diverter-practical-use

Things You Need for Installing a Rain Diverter

To install the rain diverter on your roof by yourself you need the following things. You can easily find these things at most of the building supply store. 

  1. Rain Diverter
  2. Ladder
  3. Pry bar
  4. Rubber Mallet
  5. Roofing nail
  6. Pipe

Steps to Install a Rain Diverterrain-diverter

Installing a rain diverter on your roof is a very easy process. So here are the steps to add a rain diverter on your roof:

Step-1: Measure Your Roof

Take measurement of the length, shape, and corners of your roof and buy the rain diverter. You can easily find them at any building supply store. From my personal experience, I will suggest you to buy the plastic ones as they are cheaper in price and does not get damaged easily. If you need it temporarily then you can make diverter with thick plastic sheet or polythene too.

Step-2: Use a Ladder

As the roof is high and in maximum places the roof is sloped that is why it is better to use a ladder other than working from the roof. And believe me, it will make your work easy.

Step-3: Use a Pry Bar to Move the Tiles

A pry bar is an essential tool you need to have while installing the can easily move the tiles and insert the diverter with the help of it. This tool will help u to insert it properly.

Step-4: Make Sure There is No Gap between the Diverter and the Tiles

Once you insert the diverter under the tiles you will need a rubber mallet to insert it all the way under the tiles or just to make sure there are no gaps. Using a hammer may misshape the diverter. So I will suggest that you should use a rubber mallet.

Step-5: Nail the Diverter

Once you fix the diverter under the tiles of your roof, stick it with the roofing nails so that it does not get separated or fall from the roof when it rains heavily.

Step-6: Use Liquid Cement

Once everything is fixed, then fill all the gaps with liquid cement so that there may not be any small storage for water which will create small leakage on your roof. This will also help the diverter to stay strong on your roof.

Step-6: Add a Pipe for Draining the Water

Add a plastic pipe to the rain diverter through which the water will come out and reach the ground. Make sure that the pipe has enough space to get the water out or else it may create pressure on the diverter. You can also add a net on the top of your plastic pipe so that leaves or broken stems got to get the chance to stuck inside the pipe.

Safety Measure for Installing Rain Diverter

Before installing a rain diverter on your roof make sure you follow some safety measures.

Use Gloves

The majority of the rain diverters are made of stainless steel or sharp metal. So do not forget to use thick gloves so that you do not get any cut on your hands. If you do not have gloves at least use a thick cloth to hold the diverter.

Use a Steady Ladder

As you are working to set something on the end of your roof, please make sure you have a steady ladder, or else you may fall from the height and have major injuries. If your roof is higher, you can also use hanging cables.

Take a Hand with You

It is always better if you can have a company for doing this kind of work. This will give you extra safety and less time too.

Aftercare of a Rain Diverter


Once you have installed the rain diverter with your roof, to keep its performance better you have to take some aftercare also. No leaves should be stuck on the diverter. Or else it will disturb the whole process. Clean the leaves regularly. You can also use a net to avoid this problem. The leaves will get stuck on the net and the water can flow through the diverter easily.

Always keep the diverter clean. Clean it at least once a month so that it does not get stuck with dust, broken stems, and leaves. Try to do regular repairs so that the diverter does not get damaged.


Question: How do I make a water diverter of my own?

Answer: You can make your own diverter with the help of stainless steel or plastic. But if you want a temporary one, you can use thick polythene too.

Question: How do I keep the rain diverter free from leaves?

Answer: To keep the rain diverter free from leaves you can simply use a net on it. Or else you will have to clean the diverter on a regular basis.

Question:  How long does it take to install a rain diverter?

Answer: You can easily install a rain diverter in not more than 30 minutes. Just get the measures earlier to cut the diverters according to the shape of your roof and attach it to the roof.

Final Thought

So guys I hope after going through my post you found it easy to do your work and you have installed your own rain diverter on your roof. I hope you have followed the precautions and took proper safety measures before installing the diverter on your roof to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.

Now If you find my post helpful for your work then please let me know in the comment section below and also if you have any suggestions,query, or if you are willing to share your ideas with me, then, feel free to let me know in the comment section also.

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