Start a Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting: The Easiest Way

Your lawn mower may have been sitting for a long time. If you are worried to start a lawn mower that has been sitting. Then this post is just for you.

The grass in your lawn doesn’t stop growing.It’s time to trim them. But as your Lawnmower was inactive for a long time, it will not be that easy to start it all of a sudden.start-a-lawn-mower-that-has-been-sitting

I had faced the same problem. But after some research, I found that starting a lawn mower that has been sitting for a while is quite easy.

In this post, I’ll tell you the steps to reactive a sitting lawn mower easily.

Steps to Start a Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting for a long time

Here are the steps to start a lawnmower that has been sitting for a long time:

1. Change the engine oil and make sure you drain the old engine oil completely before injecting the new oil.

2.  Drain some some fuel from the fuel pump . If you see that the expected amount of fuel is not getting out, then you will need to change the get a new one.draining-fuel-of-lawn-mower

3. To start a lawn mower that has been sitting wash the carburetor properly before you start the mower. Carburetor gets carburetor after sitting for a long time.

4. Clean the spark plug inside the engine as small rust forms on the plug if the mower is inactive for a long time. If it’s totally damaged then you will need to change it.mower-filter-plug

5. Make sure you change or at least clean the air filter as dust on air filter hinder starting the lawn mower’s engine. A dirty air filter doesn’t allow sufficient airflow to the engine prevents the mower’s engine from starting.

6. Measuring the Voltage of the Lawn mower’s battery by digital multi-meter to check if it’s dead or not. If the voltage shown is not near to the rated value in the battery then you will need to change it.testing-lawn-mower-battery

7. Charge the battery if it’s charge is less that is close to 10% of the total capacity rated in Ah (Ampere hours). You can check it my a multi meter as well.

8. To start a lawn mower that has been sitting drain some fuel that has been in the tank for a long time. This will help to pass any air, vapor or dirt stuck in the fuel line. It will also help to make the fuel process easy.

Why does lawn mower gets jammed after being inactive for a long time

There are some common reasons for a lawnmower to getting jammed due to sitting for a long time especially after winter. The reasons may be staying of the same fuel in the fuel line or the carburetor for a long time.

Fuel there makes clots or discourages new fuel to come through the line and help the fuel inject procedure.

If the Carburetor got jammed with dirt. If the carburetor has not been to work for a long time, dirt will produce there and the fuel left in the carburetor will make the whole thing jammed.turning-on-a-lawn-mower

Another reason maybe if the spark plug is not working. Spark plugs usually get rust which hinders the process to give a spark to the engine when you try to start the engine.

Too much dirt in the air filter is another reason for which the lawnmower does not get started. These specks of dirt block the air passage of the engine.

It makes the engine stops frequently. It has another negative side that in this situation the consumption of fuel will be more than the usual.
If the fuel pump is not working. If the fuel pump does not work, and the fuel does not get to flow for combustion, the mower will not be started.

Using the same engine oil for a long time may be another reason. This is the perfect reason to have a great deal of damage to your engine.

If the same engine oil is there for a longer time it will make small clots that will oppose the pistons to work properly.
Another important reason maybe if the battery has not been charged for a long time.

If the battery has not been charged due to sitting for a long period, it will not be able to give a proper electricity supply to the engine. For a fact, it may not even help to simply start the mower.

Tips for keeping your mower active all through the year.

Follow these simple tips to start a lawn mower that has been sitting and keep your mower active for the rest of the year.
1. Keep it clean. Do not let your mower get dirty. Cover it with a cloth or something else after using it every time.
2. Use good quality octane. This will help to run the mower better.
3. Keep the in and out of the carburetor clean regularly.
4. Clean the air filter after every time you use it. Change it after every 4 months.
5. Do not use the same spark plug for more than 6 months.
6. Use a high-grade engine oil.mower-oil-change
7. Charge the battery regularly and check its water level.
8. Oil the joints and the screw to keep it functioning.


Question: How do I get old fuel out of the mower?
Answer: To get old fuel out of the mower simply remove the oil connection from the carburetor and turn the oil key on. It will let your old fuel get out easily.
Question: How often do I clean or change the Air filter?
Answer: It is better to clean your Air filter every time you use it. change the Air filter once in every 6 months.
Question: How often should I change the Spark plug?
Answer: You should change the Spark plug at least once a year. But it is better to change after every 6 months.
Question: Why do I use high-grade engine oil?
Answer: High-grade engine oil keeps the engine warm during winter. And it retains its quality for a longer period.

Final Thought

So, guys, I hope after going through thispost you found it really easy to start a lawn mower that has been sitting and you have cleaned the carburetor of your Lawn Mower without removing it off.

You should follow the procedures, precautions and took proper safety measures before working with the lawn mower to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.
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