Zero Turn vs Lawn Tractor: Which one is better for your lawn

If you have just shifted to your new house and need a mower for the bushy lawn in the backyard but confused in zero turn vs lawn tractor then this post is just for you.


If the lawn is bigger in size, you wouldn’t be pushing a regular mower.

Rather you would like to have a mower on which you can sit and ride like a car.

All you need to Know Zero Turn & Lawn Tractor

A few months back when I shifted to my new house with my family, we found that our new house has a lawn.

I could not simply buy a mower that I have to push through this big lawn. I was in need of a zero turn or a lawn mower.

And I decided to go for a zero turn. And it worked great for me.

But what would you buy? Confused about buying a zero turn vs lawn tractor? Then this post is just for you.

In this post I will give you a wide range of ideas about the pro’s and con’s of both a zero turn and a lawn tractor.

I hope after going through my post you will find it really easy to make a decision.

Lawn Tractormower-vs-zero-turn3

A Lawn tractor is something like a small car that you can ride on and drive all through your lawn and trim the bushy grass of your lawn.

It is something you drive just like a toy car for kids. If you have an open wide lawn then this can serve your purpose easily.

It has a wider turn radius.

You can add different attachments like haul, dethatch, spray and many more to work. It has a deck size from32 inches to 52 inches.

If the place you mow is kind of a hilly place, then the big wheels of your lawn tractor will work better. You can easily get a lawn mower at a cheap price.

 Zero Turnmower-vs-zero-turn2

A zero turn is something like you are riding a robot car. Instead of steering, you have different kinds of handles.

You will feel like you are running a robot. Though it has a different way of driving, so many will face a problem.

But once you get used to it, believe me it is really fun riding a zero-turn. A zero turn is best to drive at a place where there are many obstacles.

You can use attachments like bag clipping, transport materials, snow cleaning and many more.

It has a deck size of 36 inches to 72 inches. If the land you mow is a flat place, then a zero turn will work best for you.

The price is a little higher but if it serves your purpose, then it is something great to have.

Zero turn vs Lawn tractor

To make the whole thing easy I have attached a table to help you decide which one will be helpful for you.

SL. no


Lawn Tractor

Zero turn

1SteeringWider turning radius. 2-4 wheel steering radiusCan turn up to 180 degrees at the same place 
2SpeedAverage speed is 4kmphAverage speed is 8kmph
3Deck Size32-52 inches36-72 inches
4LocationWorks best in wide-open space.Best option if there are obstacles to navigate
5FunctionalityPair with attachments to dethatch, haul, spray and morePair with attachments to bag clippings, transport materials,clear snow and more

Things to Consider for Choosing a Zero Turn or a Lawn Tractor

Before you want to conclude between zero turn vs lawn tractor , keep in mind about the following factors. This will help you a lot.


The first and foremost important topic before buying a lawn tractor or a zero turn is what kind of land you will mow.

If your lawn is just an open empty space with no obstacles, then you can simply choose a lawn tractor.

But if you have a lawn like me as I like to decorate my lawn with some flower plants, and rocks, then you better go for a zero-turn. 

Time Consumption

If you are short of time due to work , or you don’t have enough time to spend at your lawn, then I think you should go for the speedy one.

See the speed level of both lawn tractor and zero turnn, then decide yourself which one you would like to have.

Fuel consumption

Deciding between a zero turn vs lawn tractor don’t forget to think about the fuel consumption.

If you have a big lawn area then think about the fuel consumption and then decide.

Because of the fuel consumption is already high and you have a big lawn, then it will be expensive to you.

So before buying calculate the land area and regular fuel consumption of your mower then decide.

Cut Width

The cut width refers to how wide the mower can cut in a single pass. If the land is bigger, then go for a mower that has a bigger deck size.

It will help you to make your work easy and simple. Moreover your will time will be saved too.


Before buying your mower see which will be more expensive and which one will be cheaper.

Think about your budget and then decide on the mower you want. But is you are short of a few bucks, I would rather suggest you to wait and save then buy the better one.

Ease of maintenance

Before deciding between zero turn vs lawn tractor mind about the maintenance, parts availability, and parts price. As this is a mechanical product so you will have to see for the maintenance.

Make sure it does not become a hassle for you. Again one of you part may be damaged due to any reason. Before buying the mower see if the parts of the mower you are buying is widely available and the price is not high.


As you won’t be wasting money by buying your lawn Mower again and again, so keep in mind that your mower has high durability.

If it is damaged within a few months, then know that your mower is not at all a good one. Moreover changing the mower maybe just a waste of money.


So, guys, After going through my post I hope you will find it really easy to choose between a zero turn vs lawn tractor to trim the grass.

As a zero turn fulfilled my requirements, so I got myself with one. Now check for your requirements and see if you need a lawn tractor or a zero-turn.

I hope you will follow the tips that I gave you to follow before buying mower to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.